Sunday, April 15, 2012

A funeral in Second Life: January ‎04, ‎2012

There comes a time when, in Second Life (SL), you think you've just about seen or done it all. That occurs just about 5 seconds before you find yourself doing something you thought you'd never do in SL.

 Sadly, this occurred for me in on January 4, 2012, when St Matt's was asked to hold a funeral for a friend of mine, Illendel Foulsbane, who passed away in RL.

I met Illendel and his partner Xanthia back in 2008 at the Cathedral. They remained at the Cathedral when the rest of us were cast out, because the variety of service hours there worked better for them, but we remained very good friends over the years and they were both strong voices for an inclusive church.

Baoluo Xue and Caolin Galthie
The service was led by Caolin Galthie and Baoluo Xue.

Putting together a service must have been a challenge for them -- I think they drew heavily on the Book of Common Prayer. I 'm sure it was a personal challenge as well for Caolin, who had known Illendel well.

I'm pleased that members of the broader Anglican Community in SL are increasingly turning to St Matt's for their practical needs in SL.

Xanthia remains in our prayers because she, of course, feels the loss as keenly as ever.

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